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Hey marketers! Join this exclusive community hosted by digital strategist Bess Auer to gain insider knowledge and access to over 1,800 online influencers. 


First aid for your marketing

One-on-one strategy sessions

Access to over 1,800 bloggers and online influencers


Ever wish you could pick a blogger's brain? Ask how to create some really amazing content?

This is your chance.


This is your chance to gain insider access to the world of online influencers. How can you create an effective social media campaign? How do you get bloggers to write about you? I will be your guide in this exclusive marketing community where it is safe to ask these questions and get honest feedback on your marketing ideas. Put me to work on your marketing team!  


What's Included?

By joining this exclusive community, you will gain these valuable features for the next 6 months:

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First Aid for Your Marketing

Gain me as a member of your marketing team. I will streamline your marketing concept, brainstorm new content, provide the connections and tools you need to succeed faster and cheaper. 

Immediate Access to a Safe Community

The concept of open sharing of best practices allows for you to continue to learn, ask questions in a safe place, figure out what's working and what's not. Limited to just 10 people all focused on marketing, this is the micro community that packs a powerful punch.


One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Pick my brain and gain instant feedback on your marketing plans, content, and strategies. I'll share with you everything I have learned not only through trial and error, but also by what the leading strategy experts are saying. I may even buy the coffee!

Access over 1,800 Online Influencers

For the past 7 years I've been building a database of powerful online influencers. You need a blogger who writes about fashion? Fitness? Food? Tech? Business? (You get the picture... I got you covered!)

Weekly Workshops

Each week I'll connect with you by providing a workshop and think tank session where we'll feature content strategy experts, discuss case studies, and chat about the latest tools and more. Click here to see who you'll get to learn from!

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Lifetime Discounts

By joining this exclusive community, you are gaining a true advocate for you and your marketing skills. This membership will entitle you to a lifetime of discounts on all of my future blogging and marketing conferences.


Join Now! 

Our next session of Marketers in Mind is now open. Remember, it is only available to 10 people for 6 months, so don't miss out on transforming your marketing and gaining me as a team member for the next 6 months!

Monthly Plan:


Payable through my Patreon page at the $150 Patron level.


Once you join through my Patreon Page, gain immediate to:

  • Immediate access to a private, online forum
  • Alerts about the hottest marketing and social media trends and tools
  • Weekly Workshops featuring leading content creation experts
  • One-on-one strategy sessions
  • Connection to over 1,800 powerful online influencers
  • Exclusive content and more